ALS Community Stories

Each person’s experience with ALS is different and comes with a unique set of challenges, points of inspiration and hope. It is through sharing these experiences that we can help one another.

When we fight together, we thrive together.

The ALS community might be small, but we are mighty. Here, we honour and share stories that touch on many dimensions of the impacts of ALS, and in some cases, these are the stories that go untold.

You will hear from patients, caregivers, nurses and other healthcare professionals who courageously share their personal experiences with ALS.

Together we fight – for ALS awareness, for hope, and for the support that we all need for ourselves and our loved ones.

Together We Fight

ALS Video Series: Conversations with Mike & Carmen

This video series provides a candid look on life with ALS through the lens of Mike and Carmen Cels and their family. The couple discusses the real-life challenges they have encountered since Mike’s ALS diagnosis and the strategies that have helped them throughout their journey.